DWISS RC1-SW Swiss Made Tourbillon watch



Concepto is a movement factory based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The company owned by Valerian Jacque, a graduate of watch-making school. Like a mustard seed, Concepto has grown swiftly over the past decade to emerge as one of the most dynamic movement manufactories in Switzerland. Concepto currently designs and assembles various calibers of movements and designs for a wide range of watch brands of Swiss watches including mechanical, 2 or 3 hander’s, chronograph-watches, Tourbillons and other advanced calibers of watches.



Over the years, Concepto has been designing and manufacturing a plethora of high-end luxury movements. They are well vested with the manufacturing of designer movements, which are in trend with the demands of the market. Each of its brands is unique and very exclusive. It is quite apparent that the models used by concepto are in line with the romantic and fun era of watch-making. It is quite fair to say that tourbillon caliber 8950 is created to meet the competitive needs of the market. The product is an embodiment of product differentiation because of its uniqueness and vigor.

The secret to be magnificent timepiece is simple to decipher. Concepto blessed with a plethora of Engineers with a high level of technical know-how. They tailor their knowledge always to float high-end luxury watches.

Tourbillon watches are among the most complicated watches to manufacture. Specially designed for the unique rotation of the balance around it’s own axis that counters the effects of gravity. It removes all the positional errors while rotating the balance around itself. Tourbillon is the brainchild of Abraham-Louis Breguet, a master watch-maker. The Tourbillon system is attached to virtually every luxury watch brand. It’s found in most of the expensive watch brands manufactured by internally or externally watch brands. DWISS uses caliber Concepto 8950 in their Tourbillon models and make them available for a more affordable price than other luxury watch companies.

The most prominent watchword in today's watch industry is micro brands, which has been embraced by many watch lovers. But few of them are able to offer Tourbillon models, DWISS is one of the few ones that can.



Concepto 8950 Tourbillon is one of the most prominent concepto calibers in the Tourbillon family. It is very famous and easily identified from the concepto catalog because of its striking design. The design is a sheer combination of precision and aesthetics. They are encrypted as an architectural masterpiece with excellent accuracy. It can be wound by the hand to instigate movement of the escapement, which is highly refined by the unique blend of the Tourbillon system.

The balance and the rack system of the concepto 8950 Tourbillon well blended at the back of the watch. All the regulating organs conspicuously situated at the front of the timepiece.

Top lovers of designer watch motivated by the value derived from using this great timepiece. They have appraised concepto for adding the 8950 Tourbillon caliber to their catalog.


DWISS Tourbillon uses Concepto 8950 and is one of the top Swiss watches in the DWISS catalog. It cost USD 14,900 and watches lovers can either order then online, it requires a three to four months production time. It is about 45mm in diameter and with a thickness of about 14.4mm.

Concepto 8950 is an automatic Tourbillon embedded with 27 Jewels, a frequency of 4Hz and a power reserve of about 60h.

The casing of the timepiece is made of 316L Stainless Steel IP black case with a 7-part multilayer structure . The dials are variated, the RS1-BO for example have a orange and black strikes a perfect harmony, which is just enough to provide the dial with more excitement. The face of the Tourbillon is not closed, and can be seen in the front of the watch. The excellent and alluring bridge traveling through the ridges of the Tourbillon can be sighted, highlighting the beautiful rotation of the Tourbillon.

It is water resistant to 10 ATM and uses a Sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflection coating. The straps of the watch made with fabric and leather straps that buckle the watch firmly to the wrist. The lugs of the case are chamfer, and it is perfect for alignment with the curves of the wrist. The design is outstandingly creative and pragmatic in operation.